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Dutch Engineer’s Newsletter works with companies looking for exposure to ambitious, technically-adjacent leaders across data and machine learning sectors. Publicly traded companies and startups alike have gotten their message out through a Dutch Engineer’s Newsletter sponsorship. Reach out for more details.


  • 5.0K+ Subscribers – Technical working professionals. Think Data/ Machine Learning/Software Engineers, managers, etc.

  • 45-50% Open Rates

  • Weekly Posts – Dutch Engineer’s Newsletter publishes every week.

Current or Previous Sponsors

Sponsorship Types

Technically does two types of sponsorships: traditional ads and post placements.

1. Ads

Banner ads appear at the top of a Dutch Engineer’s Newsletter post. Copy is usually a few lines with a single CTA and a logo, since Substack is a bit limiting with visual layouts.

Generally, ads perform best when they're placed in a post that matches a product's value proposition. We can work together to figure out which upcoming post makes the most sense to place in.

2. Post placements

Dutch Engineer’s Newsletter does sponsored posts that break down a piece of the stack or a specific topic. These include a sponsorship mention at the beginning and end.

In addition to a banner ad up top and on the bottom, we can do backlinks and product mentions whenever relevant and additive to the audience.

Post placements are obviously more in-depth than traditional ads so more lead time and collaboration are to be expected.


Please reach out to me for pricing because it highly depends on ad type and volume. Reach out or message on LinkedIn for more details.