Great post, I agree 100% technical writing is so important

I wrote about the topic here too - https://www.developing.dev/p/why-engineers-need-to-write

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Agree 100%! Especially the critical thinking part. I actually wrote a very similar article a few weeks back (https://andrew-jones.com/blog/why-i-write/), so It’s nice to see we share the same views on the benefits of writing!

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How do you see impact of platforms like ChatGPT when it comes to writing?

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Love this! I can totally relate, as I just wrote my first technical article this week and I really enjoyed it. I did forget that writing takes more time than I could remember, but I know that as with everything practice makes perfect. I trust it will get faster, better, and more enjoyable. I really found it to be a pleasant activity!

However, writing about technical topics like code etc can be kinda scary, there are so many skilled people out here in our sector; there's a little voice in my head asking "Is this good enough? Is this interesting enough?" and so on. But sometimes you just have to try something, and I think it's also about testing what works with content. I believe we can learn from the engagement and reactions as well. So watch me throw spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks ;)

I will keep following you to watch and learn. You've build something amazing here so quickly! Really great content, thanks for sharing, well done! And keep on keeping on :)

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The impact it will have on your professional and even personal aspects of your life are worth it!

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Agreed fully. What's also great about technical writing is how you can teach as you learn, especially when you find gaps in content online.

For example, I wanted a comprehensive guide on technical writing metrics and couldn't find one online, so I wrote my own: https://columncontent.com/technical-writing-metrics/

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